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denise bogan founder

Denise Bogan, Founder

At Denton Cleaning we have over 20 years of combined corporate and residential experience, giving us a clear vantage point from which to understand at a personal level what you need in terms of a detailed cleaning of your residence or commercial facility. Seventy percent of our customer base is made up of referrals from our loyal clients. That is the greatest compliment we could receive, and the greatest advertising we can offer.

Our philosophy is to grow as a company with our clients in mind, and not necessarily to be the biggest, but to be the best at meeting our clients’ needs while continuing to identify each client and their individual and unique situations.

At Denton Cleaning our goal is to continually earn your business each time we provide you with our service. We strive to maintain a consistent level of personal and professional service. We achieve this by staying current and aware of what matters most to our clients, and by being personally and actively engaged with our clients. Denton Cleaning is a locally-owned business, where clients deal directly with principals, so there are no internal barriers to overcome. All existing clients’ concerns and questions are addressed in a timely manner.

Communication is an essential part of ensuring your satisfaction. We listen to what your concerns are, and what previous experiences you have had with other service providers. We are committed to being responsive to your interests and conveying to you or your organization a professional, pleasant, and quality experience. We make every effort to earn and sustain long-term relationships with our clientele by providing positive cleaning experiences.

Each employee of Denton Cleaning is carefully selected and screened with thorough background checks. All government requirements are met during the hiring process. Our employees are then individually trained. Being equipped with strategies for highest quality service and productivity, our employees fully understand the cleaning process. All of our employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation, bonding and liability insurance.

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Pledge of Excellence

Our staff has made a personal commitment to professionalism

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Public Health

Denton Cleaning maintains a high level of cleanliness by performing each task thoroughly. Consistency of high level cleaning assures a healthy and meticulous environment.


We perform tasks by using safe and sanitary cleaning procedures. By avoiding inferior cleaning methods, we safeguard the well being of others.

Work Ethic

At Denton we operate with a conscientious work ethic. Close attention to detail ensures quality and allows you and others to enjoy an immaculate and attractive environment. Upon finishing tasks, we inspect as a way to eliminate the possibility of any substandard work. Team leaders are assigned when appropriate or necessary.


We strive to be open-minded in our approach, as well as to develop and apply new and better skills through training and education. We welcome feedback, input, suggestions, and a “better way” to do things, since that’s how we all learn from one another, and gain wisdom.


Our mastery comes from understanding the proper use of cleaning implements, techniques, and supplies. Excellent diagnostic and troubleshooting skills resolve most cleaning problems. Our dedication and determination yield excellence in the finished result.


Denton Cleaning is committed to teamwork, communication, and meeting your cleaning needs. Our respect for the client has consistently yielded mutual positive regard and good morale. We believe that our service must accommodate and respond to the client’s wishes. Our attention to open communication encourages regular feedback.


We are committed to the highest level of honesty in all our client interactions, since honesty builds trust, accountability, and encourages speedy resolution of cleaning deficiencies. We extend the same level of courtesy to others as we wish to receive. Client relationships flourish when unjust criticism and complaining are replaced with a spirit of mutual respect and positive communication. Our staff upholds this professionalism through proper dress, grooming, and conduct.


We discourage any form of wasted movement and unproductive activity in our staff. We embrace improved technology and enhanced work skills. We are thorough and steady in our pace so that our work gets done as efficiently and quickly as possible, without ever compromising quality.


We are committed to maintaining vigilance and alertness to safeguard our clients’ property and belongings. Careful observance of protective policies ensures your safety and security, as well as that of your belongings. We are highly committed to upholding your privacy and maintaining strict confidentiality.


We are responsive to others’ needs and are protective of your property. We recognize that proper care and maintenance keeps equipment in good working order and prevents unnecessary waste or damage to supplies, fixtures, furniture, and structures.

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